Privacy Policy

At E Auto Part Store, we are committed to protect the privacy of our customers. Therefore, as a result, E Auto Part Store LLC has formulated this privacy policy so as to clear the customers how we utilize the information which our consumers give us via our website.

Below are some of the questions which may surely come in your while you fill the data that we request for: What kind of data do we collect and how we use that?

The data that customers provide to us is used for:

Account Setup

When you set up your account, you are required to provide your email address as well as password along with the information of your vehicle. The information that you provide to us through your account provides us to give you personalize searches facilitate the process of ordering. During the process of registration, we will ask your address, name, email address and other personal data along with data of your vehicle. The more information you correctly provide the better experience you will get.


At E Auto Part Store we make use of both email and shopping cart forms to customers to request information, services, and products. We may also gather customer contact information (such as email address) and financial data (like debit or credit card information). This data enables us to process as well as fulfill the orders of our customers and notify them with their order status. When you provide your credit card information through an online form, you are being connected with a secure server that encrypts the information over the internet.

Surveys and Promotions

Occasionally, we request our customers for some contests or surveys. Participating in these contests or surveys is optional and customers have a choice to disclose or keep the information confidential. The information which we take involve contact information (like shipping address and name), and demographic information (like age, zip code or income range). Your personal information such as your phone number and email that we get will be used to notify about the winners & award prizes.

The survey information is utilized for purpose of checking or enhancing the use and experience of the website. Moreover, we will utilize this information to personalize the experience of customers for this website. Moreover, this data of customers is used for some internal purposes such as market analysis.

Financial Data

The financial information which we gather is only utilized for billing of services and products and not for any other reason. We do not store any credit card data on the server or system.

Mailing Lists

The contact information that we take while you fill registration form, contest form, order form or from other sources is utilized to send promotional emails to our customers. Moreover, this contact information is shared with some of our selected partners who want to get connected with our customers. The users have the choice to opt out for receiving future updates by checking the box while modifying or opening the account.

How we protect the data? Passwords

The E Auto Part Store site is intended to be used by the major i.e. an individual should be of 18 years or older and not by minor i.e. individual below 18 years. If any case, a website is operated by the minor than it should be under the guidance or assistance of parent or guardian.

Financial Information & Registration

All your personal data which you provide to us that has your name, contact details, address, credit/debit card number are stored in the secure database. We make use of the best practices of an industry so as to ensure that our customer's data is secure.

Secure Server

Whenever you place your order via E Auto Part Store LLC website, you have to broadcast your order data that include credit/debit card number. Our safe and secure server makes use of the SSL software that allows us to obtain the data that your web browser previously encrypts while transmitting. Thus, all the information that you cater to us will be transmitted with the use of the secure connection. The browser of customers that do not support this security level is not allowed to order any products from us.

Display of Credit Card Information

E Auto Part Store applies sales tax as per accordance with U.S. law, for transactions on If you are the tax-exempt entity then you can get the advantage of our tax-exempt status for appropriate purchase that you made on our website

Paying for Your Order

We understand that for our customer's privacy is one of the main concerns. And, it is the major reason we not at all show more than 5 digit number of your credit/debit card on the screen or on several invoices that are generated.

Do we share your personal data with some other organizations?
Verification of Credit Card

Whenever you order any services or products from us, we will take help of credit card Verification Company to check credit card and other information that you provide before we proceed with your order. We have made an agreement with such organizations to make sure that the personal information of our customers is confidential. Not only is this credit card verification procedure utilized if you show your credit card at any of our stores online. Moreover, there is another safeguard in billing data you offer for your credit card which is used to verify that you are only the owner of that card.

What are cookies and how they are utilized by us?

The cookies are the kind of data which our website send to your browser and later it is stored on the hard drive of your computer so that we can recognize you whenever you return. Every page on which you logged in or they are customizable need to accept cookies. We make use of ads too on our site which contains cookies. The cookies by us also contain personal information such as email address which enables us to offer the features such as storing of items in shopping cart among creating and visit the personalized site as per your specific automobile. Most of the individual's web browser accept cookies automatically, but they can change their browser settings to prevent it.

Does the customer can change or update the information they had provided?C

The customer is allowed to access their personal information anytime. They can update it, modify it, alter or delete the data they have provided us. For this, access your account page of a website with email and password.

How to contact us?

to get any other detailed information, you can contact us anytime at (855) 948-351 or Email us at

Thank You for visiting E Auto Part Store.